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Nate Davis has struggled to stay on the field, but when he’s playing, he’s one of the better offensive linemen in the draft class. Appearing in eight games at right tackle, Davis finished his season by earning Second-Team All-Conference honors. He received this honor despite having never previously played right tackle and receiving a four-game undisclosed suspension.

Davis initially arrived at Charlotte after receiving First-Team All-Virginia honors out of high school. The offensive lineman missed the entirety of his first season due to academic ineligibility but returned to the field in 2015. During his freshman season, the Virginia native started the final 10 games of the season at right guard.

Davis continued to hold onto the right guard job and established himself as one of the better young talents in college football. During the 2016 season, Davis earned an honorable mention to the All-Conference for his play at guard. He almost certainly would have made first or second-team honors had injuries not limited him to nine games played. Davis played a full season for the first time in his career in 2017, once again earning an All-Conference honorable mention for his work at right guard.


was effective in a variety of blocking schemes;
light on his feet and able to mirror quicker defensive linemen;
projects as a guard but can play tackle in a pinch;
strong ability to open lanes as a lead blocker;
could probably learn center if relegated to a backup role.


most measurables are below NFL standards;
needs to add strength at the next level;
unknown NCAA violation is cause for concern;
only started in a full season one time;
short arms make it hard for him to engage defenders;
struggles against bull rushers;

NFL Comparison: Joe Looney

Teams With Need at Position: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Projection: Third or fourth round
Bottom Line

Despite spending 2018 at right tackle, Nate Davis will probably be a guard at the NFL level. He doesn’t have the size or strength to line up against edge defenders, but his underwhelming numbers won’t be as big of a deal on the interior. Davis played in a variety of blocking schemes in college, so his skill set should translate to the NFL regardless of scheme. His quick feet allow him to mirror quicker defenders and be a strong pull guard. Additionally, his versatility and ability to play tackle if necessary should only add to his NFL value.

There are reservations that come with selecting Davis. The Virginia native doesn’t have ideal size or strength for the NFL, and he’ll need to add on some muscle if he is to survive in the pros. His lack of muscle showed up repeatedly in college when facing bull rushers. If he allowed first contact, he didn’t have the strength to hold his ground. Because of his short arms, he’ll likely allow first contact more than one would prefer. Additionally, he’s only played a full season one occasion, so availability is a concern.

Davis will probably spend the majority of his career as a high-end backup capable of filling in all across the offensive line. While injuries could force him to start in certain situations, he’ll never be anyone’s Plan A along the offensive line. There are roles for players like this, but he’s ultimately a top-level backup with the versatility to provide depth along the entire offensive line.

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The Tennessee Titans end up with one of the steals of the draft.

Last night, everything broke wrong for the Tennessee Titan, but tonight was different.

With the top EDGEs off the board in round one, the Titans took a player that they thought had a lot of value long term in Jeffery Simmons.

Like in round one, there were runs in the second round but those runs occurred at DB and OL. While OL was an issue that the Titans could have addressed in the second round, instead they selected A.J. Brown WR, Ole Miss.

What is he?

For a large portion of Brown’s career, he was primarily a slot receiver. Despite being 6’1 and around 225 lb., he consistently found himself in the right position whether the QB threw the ball his way or not.

From the slot, he is an excellent technician, Brown constantly creates space for himself with his quick acceleration and ability to run through contact in his routes. But he isn’t just limited to being a slot receiver.

When D.K. Metcalf was injured this year, he shifted out of the slot and into the boundary. In that 5 game stretch, he faced 5 SEC teams and ended up with 670 yards and 2 TDs. That is great production and it showed that even against top competition he could elevate his game and play anywhere.

Very few people didn’t like A.J. Brown, and some loved him. He seems like the classic high floor player with a Pro Bowl ceiling. If not for the defensive talent in this draft creating runs on Day 1 and Day 2, I believe that he would have been a first round pick.

What did the Titans pass on to get him?

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson chose to forgo interior offensive linemen and EDGEs, but ultimately he was the highest ranked player at any of the three need positions left so it is really hard not to be happy with this pick if you are a Titans fan.

Instant draft grade A.J. Brown: “A”

It is hard to not love this pick. Need, check. Value, check. Fits what Robinson likes, check. Clear path to snaps immediately, check.

He felt like one of the safest picks in the draft coming into Thursday and he really helps balance out the risk they took with a guy like Jeffery Simmons.

Jeffery Simmons Jersey


NASHVILLE – Defensive linemen like Clemson’s Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence have been popular first-round picks for the Titans in mock drafts, and Houston’s Ed Oliver’s name has come up as well.

Chances are, Oliver won’t be around when the Titans are on the clock at No. 19. And there’s no guarantee the previously mentioned Wilkins or Lawrence will be either.

But another defensive lineman with some question marks – Mississippi State’s Jeffery Simmons – might be.

And a pair of draft analysts think the Titans would have to consider picking him in the first round of the NFL Draft.

“I think there’s a good chance he’s there at 19,” NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah said of Simmons. “And I think if you can be patient, history would look pretty kindly upon that pick because he is a top five talent.”

Simmons, who racked up 157 tackles, seven sacks, four forced fumbles and six passes defensed in three seasons at Mississippi State, began the offseason as a potential top-10 pick.

But Simmons (6-3, 301) suffered a torn ACL doing a routine drill during a workout in February and had surgery. Add the injury to some off-field concerns, and some teams might be hesitant to pick him early, causing him to slide to Tennessee, a team looking for help on the defensive line.

NFL Network draft analyst Charles Davis thinks what happens with the defensive linemen early in the draft will impact how quickly Simmons comes off the board, and if he’s available.

Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams is the best of the bunch, but he’s a top-3 pick.

“Simmons makes sense to me for just about anyone, because I think he is that good,” Davis said. “But the questions: How long will you have to wait? When will he be ready? Can you afford to do so? Each team will have to decide.

“How long he’s (on the board) will depend on what goes ahead of him, and how many of those other (defensive lineman) are already gone. Because your ability to wait on someone goes up if the talent level goes up, and the available talent around him goes down. If we have that expected run on defensive linemen as I would expect, and if Simmons isn’t gobbled up as a part of that group, he may be the best prospect still sitting there.”

NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks has Simmons listed at No.5 on his list of top defensive tackles in the draft.

“The ACL tear Simmons suffered in February clearly diminishes his draft stock,” Brooks wrote. “But astute coaches will keep his disruptive game in mind and focus on how he could impact a unit when he returns from his injury.”

Jeremiah, who has the Titans talking Wilkins at No.19 in his most recent mock draft, said he’s heard some relatively positive injury news about Simmons, and his future.

What it could mean for the Titans, well, we’ll have to wait and see.

“From everything I’ve been told on the medical stuff, it sounds like if you pick him, you might be able to get him for six or seven games (in 2019),” Jeremiah said. “So it might not be a total wash. If your doctors are comfortable with it, and you thought you were going to get six, seven games with him in 2019 and have him rocking and rolling in the future, again, I think history would look pretty kindly upon that pick because he’s that talented.”