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The Tennessee Titans end up with one of the steals of the draft.

Last night, everything broke wrong for the Tennessee Titan, but tonight was different.

With the top EDGEs off the board in round one, the Titans took a player that they thought had a lot of value long term in Jeffery Simmons.

Like in round one, there were runs in the second round but those runs occurred at DB and OL. While OL was an issue that the Titans could have addressed in the second round, instead they selected A.J. Brown WR, Ole Miss.

What is he?

For a large portion of Brown’s career, he was primarily a slot receiver. Despite being 6’1 and around 225 lb., he consistently found himself in the right position whether the QB threw the ball his way or not.

From the slot, he is an excellent technician, Brown constantly creates space for himself with his quick acceleration and ability to run through contact in his routes. But he isn’t just limited to being a slot receiver.

When D.K. Metcalf was injured this year, he shifted out of the slot and into the boundary. In that 5 game stretch, he faced 5 SEC teams and ended up with 670 yards and 2 TDs. That is great production and it showed that even against top competition he could elevate his game and play anywhere.

Very few people didn’t like A.J. Brown, and some loved him. He seems like the classic high floor player with a Pro Bowl ceiling. If not for the defensive talent in this draft creating runs on Day 1 and Day 2, I believe that he would have been a first round pick.

What did the Titans pass on to get him?

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson chose to forgo interior offensive linemen and EDGEs, but ultimately he was the highest ranked player at any of the three need positions left so it is really hard not to be happy with this pick if you are a Titans fan.

Instant draft grade A.J. Brown: “A”

It is hard to not love this pick. Need, check. Value, check. Fits what Robinson likes, check. Clear path to snaps immediately, check.

He felt like one of the safest picks in the draft coming into Thursday and he really helps balance out the risk they took with a guy like Jeffery Simmons.

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